domingo, 21 de agosto de 2011

Utopie - Instinct For Existence

1er album de estudio esta banda alemana de grincore utopie lanzado en 1999

lista de canciones:

1.- My Blood Through Your Vein - My Words Through Your Mouth
2.- Spat Out To Live    
3.- He Put His Erected Phallus In Her Anal Canal And Said
4.- Hey Mom This Time I Trust You - I Don´t Want Your Shit On My Cock!    
5.- Manipulated & Dimembered Like A Piece Of Shit    
6.- Short Erection    
7.- Kill - Fuck - Mutilate   
8.- Phalluskult Usus    
9.- Suffocate And Perish In Separation Of Humanity    
10.- Stop Viagra - Smoke Pot    
11.- Long Erection    
12.- Short Erection 2   
13.- The Way To Be An Autocannibal    
14.- Psychopathologic Menstruationorgasm
15.- Short Erection 3    
16.- Our Life - Our Reality    
17.- You Are What I Eat        

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